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Area Attractions


The X Bar Ranch may be located approximately 3 hours from the nearest large city but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty to see while you're here.  The surrounding region is full of history and attractions and below you'll find our suggestions on how to best experience the area.

All distances are approximate and are calculated from/to the Live Oak Lodge. The region is home to a vast and varied list of attractions, please inquire with us if you would like a custom itenerary designed to meet your interests and needs.




CAVERNS OF SONORA (20 minutes)
At the Caverns of Sonora you'll find yourself 60 feet underground observing a masterpiece in the making.  Known as one of the most beautiful and unique show caves in the U.S. - if not the world - the Caverns of Sonora features a plethora of incredibly unique formations including crystal-like stalagmites, stalactites, helctites, soda straws, 'cave bacon' and more. Open daily (except for Christmas) visitors can enjoy walking tours that last approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes and leave continuously throughout the day.  Specialty tours include the Discovery Challenge Tour which takes you off the beaten path, and the Photo Tour.  Specialty tours require advance reservations



Fort McKavett was founded in 1852 on the headwaters of the San Saba River.  The state historic site consists of 15 buildings in near original condition.  These buildings include officers' quarters, barracks, a hospital, a school house, a bakery, post headquarters and more.  The fort was established as a deterrent to Native American raids, primarily Comanche and Lipan Apache, and to provide protection for travelers on the Upper El Paso Road, an important artery for emigration to the California gold fields.  Around the corner from the fort you can have a drink at the Fort Trading Post.  The Fort Trading post is an authentic place bedecked in collective memorabilia.  From cow horns to oil lamps, leather and beads to antique beer and spice signs, the walls of the trading post tell a colorful tale.

SAN ANGELO (1 hour) 
In the midst of dry and rugged West Texas ranching country, San Angelo is regarded by many as an oasis.  Not only is it blessed with more water than most of the region, it is an oasis of attractions and activities.  Have a leisure stroll along the Concho "River Walk" or El Paseo de Santa Angela.  The Cactus Hotel was Conrad Hilton's fourth hotel.  Concho Avenue, the first street of Santa Angela, shares simple charm with a delightful variety of shops.  San Angelo is also home to the Producers Livestock Auction, the largest sheep auction in the U.S., second largest in the world, and one of the largest cattle auctions in Texas.  Truly an authentic slice of Texas Heritage. 

FORT CONCHO (1 hour) 
Founded as a frontier army post in 1867 at the junction of the North and Middle Concho Rivers, Fort Concho provided protection to frontier settlements and trade routes.  Today, Fort Concho National Historic Landmark encompasses most of the former army post and includes 23 original and restored fort structures.  Periodically living history demonstrations are held and feature soldiers in authentic dress conducting exercises on the parade grounds. 



THE HUMMER HOUSE (45 minutes)
Eighteen miles south of San Angelo, Texas, nature enthusiasts are welcome to visit the Hummer House.  Located near the banks of the spring-fed South Concho River, the Hummer House is renowned for the thousands of tiny hummingbirds that visit the acreage annually.  The Hummer House is the summer home to Texas' largest concentration of breeding Black-chinned Hummingbirds.  View it all from the observation room and see hummingbirds like you've never seen them before. 

Adjacent to Amistad National Recreational Area and operated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Seminole Canyon State Park is home to several rock shelters including Panther Cave and the Fate Bell Shelter.  The rock shelters bear ancient pictographs left behind by early man nearly 7,000 years ago.  Today the park serves as an excellent resource for archeological pursuits, birding, nature viewing, hiking and more.  Reconnect with history with a visit to Seminole Canyon State Park.