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Scenic Routes


The X Bar Ranch may be located approximately 3 hours from the nearest large city but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty to see while you're here.  Schleicher and surrounding counties are full of history and attractions and below you'll find our suggestions on how to best experience the area.

All distances are approximate and are calculated from/to the Live Oak Lodge. There are many, many more miles of paved country roads (both county and state) that are lightly traveled and will lead you through some very scenic country. Please inquire with us if you would like a custom route designed to meet your interests and needs.



X Bar Ranch along the 
Heart of TX Wildlife Trail- west

X Bar Ranch along the Texas Forts Trail
The Texas Forts Trail is located in West Central Texas and encompasses 25 counties that are along, within or directly adjacent to the actual trail. The trail features eight historic forts, one Spanish Presidio and numerous other historic and cultural attractions.

Pleasure Driving on the Ranch
We have maps of the ranch, and as long as you are sure you can find your way around and back to your lodging quarters without getting lost or on a neighboring property, you’re welcome to drive around the ranch. We request that you stay on main caliche roadways and do not pleasure drive during or after heavy rains.

X Bar Ranch to Caverns of Sonora – 21 miles each way.
At highway entrance to X Bar Ranch (on FM 2129) turn left (west) and take FM 2129 west about 7-8 miles until it dead-ends into FM 1312. At FM 1312 turn left and go about 1.5 miles. Turn right to get on to I-10 east, direction Sonora. Approximately 4 miles later, take Exit 392 and go south. Alternatively, you can stay on RM 1312 until you reach RR 1989, turn right on RR 1989 (south) and follow the signs to the Caverns.

X Bar Ranch to Juno
Via Sonora Caverns Road aka RR1989 (see directions above to get to RR 1989), which later turns into County Road 410, CR 410 T’s into Ranch Road 189 (stay right), and that T’s into Hwy. 163. At Hwy. 163 go north to Ozona, then take I-10 east to RM1312, take RM 1312 east to RM 2129, turn left on RM 2129 and head east to X Bar Ranch, 105 mile loop.

X Bar Ranch to Seminole Canyon State Park
Via Sonora Caverns Road aka RR 1989 (see directions above to get to RR 1989) which later turns into County Road 410, CR 410 T’s into Ranch Road 189 (stay right), and that T’s into Hwy. 163. Take Hwy. 163 South to Comstock, US 90 west to Seminole Canyon SP. Return US 90 east to Hyw. 163 north to Ozona, to I-10 east to RM1312, to RM2129 to X Bar Ranch, 210 miles round trip.

X Bar Ranch to Ft. McKavett
Via I-10 east through Sonora, Rm 864 t To Ft. McKavett 60 miles one way. Return via Toe Nail Trail (turn north just east of the fort and fire station at the Fort Trading Post) to US 190, west to Eldorado, US 277 south to RM 2129 to X Bar Ranch total 120 miles round trip.

X Bar Ranch to San Angelo
Via Eldorado RM 2129 east to US 277 north, through Eldorado on to San Angelo, 130 miles round trip.